quickly setup a maya scene with a domelight and some rings and spheres with a basic chromelike shader.

Not yet achieved a true anamorphic depth of field effect but thats the next thing I will look up, as well as the correct black dissolve technique used in filmlabs. There is also no true filmstock grain. Its a generic digital grain at the moment.

The test took me just about 2 hours. Rendering in Redshift (40s per frame, 60min 100f, with DOF in camera).

Update: Another test. This time with stretched bokeh…

Update2: Testing the Bokeh Plugin from pelegrine labs and the new Redshift 1.2 supporting Deep Data with RGBA+Z

Update3: Trying to imitate “lens breathing” meaning the slight shift in focal length when focusing. Particularly with anamorphic lenses you see a more prominent vertical or horizontal stretching depending on the lens alignment.